I launched my Skype/Facetime poetry editing services!

Fill out the google form here to sign up here

Or email me at: with your name, location/time zone, your Skype/Facetime preference, your availability, and which service you’re interested in. I also provide edits via google docs.


One 30min session ($20)

One 1hr session ($40)

Three 1hr sessions ($110- bulk discount price!)

Five 1hr sessions ($180- bulk discount price!)

Ten 1hr sessions ($360- bulk discount price!)

All experience levels welcome. Since it’s on Facetime/Skype, you can be located anywhere in the world. Each session will be individually customized to work on exactly what you want to focus on. My speciality is spoken word/slam poetry, but I’m able to give page poetry or creative nonfiction stories feedback as well. 

For spoken word/slam, we’ll work on writing, performance, strategy, and tips to book professional shows or go on tour. We can also talk about publishing, building an online platform, promoting yourself, competition, and resources. If you have specific questions or need advice or want to show me ideas for pieces or drafts or anything else like that, we can do that too! When you shoot me an email, give me a rough idea of what you’re interested in and we’ll make it happen.


“I never meant to do anything with my writing, just get emotion out. But Blythe took me from words as therapy to words with intent and images with power and precision. Her attention to every detail of every piece that you know she'll bring out the best of your writing. Without the immense time she dedicated to even the smallest edits, I never would have had the courage or insight to publish any of my work. Blythe has the experience to tell you things publishers or other mentors/teachers never could.” - Elizabeth Johnson

“I started working with Blythe in July, after I traveled from Albany to Minneapolis to take the class she was teaching at The Loft Literary Center. Now, I do Skype lessons with her every weekend. She is one of the most caring, intelligent people I’ve ever met. She gives detailed, specific feedback as well as adding her own creative spin onto the performance and structure. She’s taught me how to be confident on the page and the stage.” - Jeri Hautzig

“Working with Blythe was phenomenal. Not only was I working with a poet whose work I adore and admire, but someone who saw my work as admirable and brilliant. In my writing, Blythe showed me that sometimes sharing realistic imagery and speaking from memory can be more effective than over-elaborate metaphors. In my performance, she pushed me away from dramatic voice and allowed me to find the depth and power in performing honestly and naturally. I am grateful for her workshops. Being able to work with one of my poet role models was a wonderful experience!” - Katie Hebert