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Blythe Baird's If My Body Could Speak is a celebration of girlhood and all of its struggles and triumphs. In poems that dig deep into sexuality, acceptance of the body, survival of trauma, and learning to love yourself in spite of everything telling you not to, Baird's voice is a rich addition to her generation. Searing, soaring, and heartbreaking, If My Body Could Speak balances the softness of femininity with the sharpness that girls are forced to become.”

“IF MY BODY COULD SPEAK is about fighting for the space one takes up in a world that would rather they take up none at all. Blythe Baird deftly and uniquely charts a course through various modes of womanhood and women's bodies. Through love, loss, and the struggles of disordered eating, Baird uses sharp narratives and visceral imagery to get to the heart of a many-layered existence, speaking to many generations at once.”


  • “This book is golden. Blythe Baird’s honesty and personal vulnerability creates a space for those who have also experienced similar things. Through her writing, it is evident that not only she is healing, but she is helping others heal. Poetry like Baird’s allows people to feel a little less alone, and it is a gift to find community in such brilliant writing. While reflecting on difficult experiences, Baird’s writing also shows the progression of hope and healing and how far she has come.” - THE STATE TIMES

  • “As someone working tirelessly to come through my trauma, If My Body Could Speak not only made me feel seen, but also inspired me to find my voice. It doesn’t matter if I’m too much or not enough for someone, and it’s okay to feel that hurt loudly. Feeling is as much part of recovery is turning off the calorie calculator in your head is. Fans of Amanda Lovelace and Sabrina Benaim will find pieces of themselves reflected back in Baird’s poetry.” - THIS LITERARY LIFE

  • “Wow. Just… wow. I have a new favorite modern poet, full stop. Never has any poetry book resonated with me quite as hard as this one did. It’s so unapologetically feminist, bold, brave, body-accepting, queer, rape-decrying, angry, broken, beautiful and I never wanted it to end. I can count eight poems I would tattoo on my body right this very moment.” - HOWLING LIBRARIES